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Back to sleep
Back to sleep

Sometimes I find myself chatting with new parents, and often times the conversation reaches the subject of sleeping arrangements. Many of these new parents tell me they wrap their children in any blanket they have, and many tell me that they choose to co-sleep with their new babies.

When we discuss the AAP recommendations I have found many new parents leave the hospital or their pediatricians wither without being aware or without taking seriously these recommendations. The current advice, known as the "Back to sleep" campaign, asks parents to put infants to sleep on their backs for the first year, they are further recommending that children be placed on a separate sleep surface in the parents same room, with no pillows or stuffed animals. It is important that there be no loose blankets. This recommendation has resulted in a 50% reduction in SIDs in the united states since it began, so it is important that the advice be heeded.

Often parents will find it is difficult for newborns to sleep on their back unassisted, for that reason we recommend the use of a swaddle for children who are not yet able to roll over.  Our swaddle, the AdaptiFIT is the safest swaddle blanket available to your child, because it is the only blanket that keeps your baby warm, without being loose, and doesn't come loose when your baby wriggles the way a standard swaddle blanket would do.

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Recommended safe sleep for babies and how to make sure your baby is safe when sleeping. How to swaddle baby safely and easily using AdaptiFIT.

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