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best baby swaddle that won't fall off

Hi, and thank you for stopping by!  Want to know how the best baby swaddle that won't fall off was invented?

Snugglebumpkinz was founded in 2016 by new parents who were tired of buying new swaddle blankets and devices to accommodate their rapidly growing new baby.  After learning of the importance of swaddling at the hospital, they attempted to do it at home to help their baby sleep. They quickly learned that available swaddle blankets and swaddle devices seemed to fall short. If swaddled in a blanket, their highly active baby quickly wriggled out in his sleep, leaving a loose blanket, and a SIDS risk. When they tried existing swaddle devices, they found that their tall chunky baby boy usually did not come close to fitting. In the rare instances that they did fit, they were soon outgrown. In addition, their baby often preferred a legs up swaddle position, which no ready-made swaddle offered, so baby was often uncomfortable and sleepless, and so were his parents!

What mom and dad needed was a hybrid solution; a truly adaptable easy swaddle that would grow with their baby and his changing needs, so they invented AdaptiFIT, the best baby swaddle solution that won't fall off or come unraveled.