Take a peek at our FAQs below to learn more about AdaptiFIT, the best swaddle blanket that won't fall off or come unraveled.

How is this better than other swaddle devices?

Essentially every other swaddle device on the market is some variation of the same thing, a fabric bag for baby's legs and straps for their arms. This has two major limitations. Firstly, if your baby needs their legs up by their chest (as in a traditional swaddle), swaddle devices cannot accommodate that. Second, their function depends on your baby being the same size as the model baby they had when designing the device, and as we all know babies do not come in standard sizes, each is unique. To get around this, other swaddle makers have many sizes and levels of their product, meaning you need to spend money three, four, or even five times over the course of your child's first year, just to accommodate their design limitations. The AdaptiFIT Solves both of these issues.

Why not just use a swaddle blanket then?

Anyone who has ever swaddled a baby in a traditional swaddle blanket knows it only works if the baby is on board, and they NEVER are. If your baby is upset and flailing around, getting that blanket securely wrapped and tucked under their body can be stressful and nearly impossible. Once swaddled, an active baby may still squirm, causing the blanket to come loose, then your safety device has become a hazard. The AdaptiFIT is easy to wrap because it's strong hook closure grabs hold of the inner fabric as you go, and once wrapped holds securely all night long.

What is it made out of?

The outer layer of AdaptiFIT is a special soft fabric which sticks to hook closure, the inner side is soft smooth fabric either polyester or cotton jersey knit. The out-facing side has the ability to lock into hook closure at any point, while the smooth reverse side does not interact with the closure.

Are you patented?

We are patent pending.

It seems expensive...

Not really, some of our competitors are asking upwards of $50-150 dollars for swaddle devices that are imported from overseas, in some case they are using standard products with their own print. Our product is made in the USA, unique, and useful in a variety of ways. You should not buy anything that has only one purpose for your constantly changing baby.

Won't the rough hook closure bother my baby?

No, you wrap the blanket so that the closure is never on the inside of the pouch that is created.

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