How to Swaddle a Baby Step by Step with AdaptiFIT

Looking for an easy to use, safe swaddle that won't fall off baby? AdaptiFIT™ is a self-stick swaddle that is safe and beyond easy to use. Featured in Vogue magazine our swaddle is the only solution you need from birth to blanket.

Here's how to use it:


Step 1:

AdaptiFIT has a soft, breathable inner surface (cotton) with seven unique press & stay patches. Position baby on the swaddle in the middle with the top of blanket lined up with baby’s neck/shoulders.

Step 2:

Fold the right corner over baby’s shoulder and down making sure baby’s right arm is tucked in over their chest. Seven press & stay patches are arranged around the left side and bottom of the smooth inner surface. The press & stay patches never touch baby, the soft inside protects baby’s delicate skin.

Step 3:

Ensuring baby’s other arm is tucked inside across their chest, fold over the left side of the swaddle so it securely hugs baby and the press & stay patch will hold it together behind their opposite shoulder.

Step 4:

Pull the bottom up to hold baby's legs and secure the swaddle snugly (but not too tight) in the back on both sides using the press & stay patches. AdaptiFIT will hold together as you go, eliminating the chaos of swaddling. At the same time, AdaptiFIT achieves a custom fit for baby each time, unlike other “easy” swaddle devices on the market.

Step 5:

When wrapping baby's legs, legs can be folded up towards the torso for a more womb like sleeping position, or down so baby can stretch out, depending on baby's changing needs and preferences.

Step 6:

Our unique material is both fast-drying and very absorbent, and because of its unique two-sided texture, AdaptiFIT can swaddle baby with both arms in, both arms out, one arm in for transition away from swaddle, legs up or down. Additionally, it can be used as a bib for feeding time, as a lightweight breastfeeding cover, or for any other use you can dream up!

When baby begins to roll, transition to the arms-free position so that baby is safe. If they roll over, they will need their arms to roll back.

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