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It has been days since you felt like you slept...Mom told you how hard these first few weeks could be, was it that you didn't believe her? For sure you did not want to. Your friends assured you ...

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It has been days since you felt like you slept...Mom told you how hard these first few weeks could be, was it that you didn't believe her? For sure you did not want to. Your friends assured you it was true, but what do they know? Your baby will be better! Your newborn would roll over on day 4, nursing was going to be easy, and your infant would sleep through the night! At least that what you kept telling yourself...

Did it work?

Soldiers say no plan survives first contact with the enemy. You had a plan but here you are with a baby that will not sleep, out of ideas.

You rummage through the silly baby shower gifts you did not expect to need and you find it, a sleep sack! You put your bouncing bundle of something (not joy...not tonight) in the weird baggy bottom and try to do the arms. Too Big? Too Small? Your active baby likes their legs up but this sack thing doesn't do that! Your little one is helicoptering their legs and keeps waking up. Whats more they cannot touch themselves to self sooth because of the way the sack thing folds. In desperation you grab the huge muslin swaddle blanket you got from that trendy store. While unraveling it you realize something, muslin is gauze, the world's cheapest fabric. Why did this muslin thing cost $30? The nurses showed you how to swaddle in the hospital, you can do it right? But it doesn't work, it keeps coming unwrapped when your baby wiggles, and then it flops over babies face.... now it is a SID's risk, it is worse than nothing at all.

Don't Panic!

Get an AdaptiFIT.

AdaptiFIT is a unique self adhesive swaddle blanket. AdaptiFIT is easier to use for parents and safer for babies. Because it works like a traditional swaddle blanket it adjusts to any baby, any size, and sleep style.

    • Controls the Moro (startle) Reflex
    • Works for Large babies and Small babies
    • Wrap infant tight or loose on babies arms
    • Swaddle arms in or arms out
    • Swaddle legs up or legs down
    • Never comes unwrapped
    • Reduces risk of sudden infant death (SIDs)
    • Baby can touch themselves and self-soothe

    AdaptiFIT is the only easy swaddle device that grow with your baby. From their first night home until baby no longer needs to swaddle.

    How does it work?

    AdapiFIT features a unique A side B side construction. The printed polyester outer layer is a special Velcro receptive fabric. The breathable 100% cotton liner conceals hook (Velcro) closure patches along two sides. You wrap your baby as you would with a traditional swaddle but it sticks in place as you go. Because it holds itself shut both as you work and after you put baby to sleep, you feel less stress. We call that "Swaddle Anxiety", and we created AdaptiFIT to make you feel better.

    With AdaptiFIT Your baby will stay swaddled and sleep longer.

    You will sleep better as well, knowing AdaptiFIT cannot come unwrapped at night. There is no risk it will come unwrapped and cover your babies face.

    Lining 100% Cotton

    Shell 100% Polyester



    Do not swaddle a baby that can roll over or may be able to roll over. The AAP recommends that baby sleep on their own sleep surface but in parents’ room for the first year. AdaptiFIT uses strong hook closures to prevent accidental unwrapping, it is unlikely but not impossible a baby may work itself free, so do not use AdaptiFIT if you believe tour baby may be able to do so.

    See our step-by-step easy swaddle guide on how to use AdaptiFIT - swaddle baby safely and easily in seconds!

    AdaptiFIT has multiple uses - see the five stages of ourmulti-use swaddle that grows with your baby here.

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